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Integrating Javascript into Elm: Alternatives to Ports

Once you start writing apps (and packages) in Elm, it’s
tempting to avoid the rough-and-tumble world of Javascript as much as possible.
Yet when implementing features for paying clients, it doesn’t always make sense
to take things that already have a Javascript implementation and re-implement
them in pure Elm. In fact, sometimes it isn’t even possible!

Have Your Cake and Eat it Too: Elm Apps in Drupal Panels

I tell my kids all the time that they can’t have both - whether it’s ice cream and cake or pizza and donuts - and they don’t like it. It’s because kids are uncorrupted, and their view of the world is pretty straightforward - usually characterized by a simple question: why not?

And so it goes with web projects:

Stakeholder: I want it to be like [insert billion dollar company]’s site where the options refresh as the user makes choices.

Selling an Item for $1.6M with Elm and Headless Drupal

If you happen to know Brice - my colleague and Gizra’s CEO - you probably have picked up that he doesn’t get rattled too easily. While I find myself developing extremely annoying ticks during stressful situations, Brice is a role model for stoicism.

Combine that with the fact that he knows I dislike speaking on the phone, let alone at 6:53pm, almost two hours after my work day is over, you’d probably understand why I was surprised to get a call from him. “Surprised” as in, immediately getting a stomach ache.

Travis and WDIO - Breaking out of the Black Box

Chances are that you already using Travis or another Cool CI to execute your tests. Very often getting boolean or textual output from the execution is enough, because knowing which tests are failing is a good starting point to start to debug the problematic code. In our case, with WebdriverI/O (WDIO) and with an architecture where the frontend and backend are decoupled, it’s much more complicated.

Elm from a Business Perspective

Elm, like any rising open source project, is getting both positive endorsements and negative critiques. Reading the good ones, is always fun; but the negative ones are just as important.

Today, I came across this: Elm Is Wrong, and realized that I’ve always read the good and bad critiques from a technical point of view, but I have yet to read about what it means from a business perspective.

Web Frameworks, Proof of Concept, and Building an Inbox Simulation

Baseball, Apple Pie, and Web Frameworks
I like baseball better than football (the American version). Football is a game of inches – but it’s measured in yards. Imprecise scope is built into the system. Baseball, on the other hand, is a game of wildly random occurrences that are often measured to the third decimal place. An entire framework exists to understand the smallest, yet important, details of the game.

Elmctron - Build Desktop Apps with Elm and Electron

I work at Gizra, so it was only a matter of time before Elm infected me as well, and I think it’s growing on me.

I wanted to build something a little different, not just the plain old TodoMVC. So, I harnessed every bit of creativity I had and came up with the most radical idea ever - I took the TodoMVC in Elm and got it to work in Electron, and called it Elmctron (I know, so creative of me).

How To Think Elm

The 2nd Elm - TLV meetup was lots of fun. But it was in Hebrew, and the intersection
between Hebrew speakers and Elm devs is still very limited.

So I’ve re-recorded my presentation in English. If you haven’t ever seen Elm, or
already develop in Elm and want to better understand “how to think Elm” this presentation
might give you a nudge in the right direction.

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