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Elm from a Business Perspective

Elm, like any rising open source project, is getting both positive endorsements and negative critiques. Reading the good ones, is always fun; but the negative ones are just as important.

Today, I came across this: Elm Is Wrong, and realized that I’ve always read the good and bad critiques from a technical point of view, but I have yet to read about what it means from a business perspective.

Web Frameworks, Proof of Concept, and Building an Inbox Simulation

Baseball, Apple Pie, and Web Frameworks
I like baseball better than football (the American version). Football is a game of inches – but it’s measured in yards. Imprecise scope is built into the system. Baseball, on the other hand, is a game of wildly random occurrences that are often measured to the third decimal place. An entire framework exists to understand the smallest, yet important, details of the game.

Elmctron - Build Desktop Apps with Elm and Electron

I work at Gizra, so it was only a matter of time before Elm infected me as well, and I think it’s growing on me.

I wanted to build something a little different, not just the plain old TodoMVC. So, I harnessed every bit of creativity I had and came up with the most radical idea ever - I took the TodoMVC in Elm and got it to work in Electron, and called it Elmctron (I know, so creative of me).

How To Think Elm

The 2nd Elm - TLV meetup was lots of fun. But it was in Hebrew, and the intersection
between Hebrew speakers and Elm devs is still very limited.

So I’ve re-recorded my presentation in English. If you haven’t ever seen Elm, or
already develop in Elm and want to better understand “how to think Elm” this presentation
might give you a nudge in the right direction.

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Planet Elm is live!

Nice, right? Planet Elm and its RSS feed is up and running - just grab it, and the best Elm related posts would appear in your favorite RSS reader.

I felt the need for such a site the day I started with Elm. Getting the Gizra devs to build it was the next logical thing.

Elm Challenge

As part of our adoption of Elm in production, Gizra devs are learning and practicing their Elm skills.

After they are done going over the existing videos/tutorials, we let them get their hands dirty. elm-hedley was created just for that - to simulate a simple yet typical web app with login, RESTful, etc.

Here’s the existing app. As you see each event appears as a clickable link.