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Elm London’s First Meetup

On Wednesday last week I flew over to London from Amsterdam to attend the newly formed Elm London’s inaugural meetup. I was glad to have RSVPed early as the event quickly became oversubscribed with the waiting list outnumbering the attendee list three to one. That in itself is a clear indication of the kind of interest in Elm from all quarters.

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Pragmatic Studio Elm

My slightly obsessive endeavour of reading and doing everything stipulated on the official Elm Get Started page meant that after reading the Elm Complete Guide the Pragmatic Studio was up next. The guide was great, although a lot of the later stuff went over my head on first reading and I got the impression that a video course would be a useful way of tying together several loose threads in my quest to learn Elm.

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An Elm Playlist

Tutorials, blog posts and articles are great for getting down to the nitty-gritty but I find conference talks and podcasts a useful way to get a high-level overview. Here are some videos and a couple of podcasts that you should watch, and listen to, to get a taste for Elm.

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Elm Script?

A friend asked me to elaborate on why I hadn’t included ClojureScript alongside CoffeeScript and TypeScript in a previous post, and why I alluded to the significance of the fact that Elm was Elm and not ElmScript. The omission was deliberate and my thoughts on ‘Script’ are speculative but my answers to both questions are inter-related and hopefully by going into detail you’ll be able to see what I was getting at.

CodeMesh Elm Tutorial

I was fortunate to book a seat to the Elm Tutorial at the CodeMesh conference in London with Elm author Evan Czaplicki at the very last minute. Fortunate because there was space left but also because if I hadn’t left it to the last responsible moment then I would likely have booked a flight in from Amsterdam instead of the train through the channel tunnel. As it happened, thick fog had grounded most planes at Schiphol on Monday morning so the only downside to the train was that I was forced to purchase a seat in first class.

My Journey to Elm

It didn’t take long for Elm to grab my attention. While keeping abreast of developments in the React.js world I was listening to the JavaScript Jabber podcast, episode 179 with Dan Abramov, off the back of his React Europe talk ‘Live React: Hot Reloading with Time Travel’. He was talking about the Redux architecture applied to React and the many benefits that came out of structuring applications in that way.

Enthralled by Elm

I have never been quite as excited about a programming language as I am about Elm. It’s been only two weeks since I first set eyes on it, yet I am completely and utterly sold. The last time I had a comparable experience was when Ruby with Rails convinced me, by their elegance and fitness for purpose, that I should in fact learn to program and make a career out of it.

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