Integrating Javascript into Elm: Alternatives to Ports

Once you start writing apps (and packages) in Elm, it’s
tempting to avoid the rough-and-tumble world of Javascript as much as possible.
Yet when implementing features for paying clients, it doesn’t always make sense
to take things that already have a Javascript implementation and re-implement
them in pure Elm. In fact, sometimes it isn’t even possible!

Now, Elm has a very fine mechanism for integrating bits of Javascript when
necessary – ports!
Yet ports aren’t always the right answer, and there are several alternatives
which can be useful in certain situations.

For the purposes of this post, I’m going to assume that you’re familiar with
the many cases in which ports work well, and focus instead on a few cases where
you might want to try something else:

  • When you want synchronous answers.
  • When you need some context when you get the answer.
  • When you want to manage parts of the DOM using Javascript.

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