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Decoding recursive JSON in Elm

There are a number of posts about decoding recursive JSON in Elm, but I still found it was a slightly tricky task, particularly because the way the Elm compiler deals with recursion requires a workaround in the decoder code to avoid rather confusing runtime errors. In this post, I'd like to tell the story of implementing recursive decoders.

The path to a recursive decoder

The basic structure of the JSON we need to decode is like this (this happens to be the PostgreSQL EXPLAIN command output):...

Generating static HTML from Elm code with elm-static-html-lib

I've written a static site generator to produce my site (yaks have to be shaved, after all). Unlike thousands of other static site generators out there, mine allows me to write pages in Elm, specifically because I wanted to be able to use style-elements and get away from CSS.

I'm using eeue56/elm-static-html to convert Elm to plain HTML, and I'm about to switch to eeue56/elm-static-html-lib (thanks to Noah for his many contributions to Elm!).

But how does it work? Normally, our views produce ...

Is the Elm ecosystem going stale? The numbers say no.

I've seen a lot of discussion and concern around Elm development activity recently. This comment on Hacker News is a good example: "Most packages I use and Elm itself is weeks and months old, makes me worried that it's just stale". Someone else paraphrased their boss's opinion as "Looks like it's dead now, no releases in over a year".

The concern is that this sentiment either puts people off trying Elm, or it makes them consider not using Elm anymore, or it stops them from recommending Elm to ...

How to extract values from union types in Elm

Union types are everywhere in Elm, but when you're starting to learn the language, they can be a bit unfamiliar and confusing, because they don't really exist in other languages like JavaScript or C#.

The main question I've seen people ask is: how do I extract a value from a union type?

Suppose you have a union type like this:

type UserId
= Id Int
| Uuid String

A UserId value can contain either an Int or a String. The solution for getting to those values is simple because Elm provid...

How to read Elm types like `Html Msg`

A question I've seen quite often from people new to Elm is "How do I read types like Html Msg"? When the function signature is view : Model -> Html Msg, does view return some kind of function which takes a Msg argument? Or does it return a function that returns a Msg? Or is Html instead some kind of type decorator that extends Msg?

When you start out with Elm, this stuff can be confusing - I know I stumbled over it for a while.

To understand what's going on, a useful analogy to recall is the ...

Decoding JSON to nested record fields in Elm

I'm working on a tool that handles PostgreSQL EXPLAIN output in JSON format.

The data consists of a tree of nodes representing different parts of a query execution plan:

Sort on zone_idHash JoinSeq Scan on zonesHashSeq Scan on projects

Each node has a lot of attributes (more than 10), but with a significant portion of attributes common to all nodes.

The large number of attributes led me to use the Json.Decode.Pipeline package because it makes them easier to handle.

First attempt: universal...