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Getting to know Purescript (from Elm)

So, Purescript.

If you know Elm and want to add to your toolset a language, which actually has those higher abstractions that you've heard about, Purescript is the obvious choice.

Purescript compiles to Javascript too, it can interoperate with any Javascript library, has no runtime, and has most of those

My Progscon Talk - Elm: Finding the Functional in Reactive Programming

So on the 22nd of April I'm speaking at Progscon 2016, about Elm and Functional Reactive Programming.

I'm going to add more later, but here are slides and refs.


Elm: Finding the Functional in Reactive Programming


Elm Docs

Complete Guide
The Elm Architecture
Elm’s Time Traveling


Road to Elm - Destructuring

Road to Elm - Table of Contents

Destructuring is a handy tool, available in many functional languages (also in Javascript ES6).

It's a more succinct syntax to extract single values from collections of various types.

Extracting values from objects or arrays and assigning them to local variables is one of

Road to Elm - 'let' and 'in'

Road to Elm - Table of Contents

If you haven't programmed in an ML-inspired language before, let and in are probably new to you.

In an imperative language you can get away with sprinkling your variables all over the place. Nothing is enforcing their placement in a particular place in

Road to Elm - Currying, The Unknown

Road to Elm - Table of Contents

If you haven't used FP languages much, you may see many little confusing things happening in Elm code.

For one, you might have found partially applied functions, which are functions that take n arguments but are called with a less than n number