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The Care and Feeding of Folds in Elm

Welcome back!
We’re in the middle of a series about implementing functional data structures in Elm.
In part one we implemented the skeleton of our sets using a binary search tree.
Last week, part two, we added membership tests and size to our set.
This week we’re going to make a quick pit stop to talk about how folds work, and next week we’ll implement them for our set.

Functional Sets, Part 1: Construction

Today we’re starting a series on building functional data structures using Elm.
The goal: build a native set implementation from first principles.
We’re going to reimplement the standard library’s Set API.
This is going to be a toy implementation, so we won’t optimize as much as we could, but we’ll be able to learn some new things!

JSON Schema Changes: A Halloween Horror Story

You’re hacking along on your JSON decoder. Life is rosy, the birds are singing,
the sun is shining, but then… you get an email: JSON Schema change.

(lightning cracks, a vampire cackles in the distance)

So how do you deal with that? You’re not just gonna give up, but your data model
is already pretty set. Are you going to have to change everything?

JSON Street in Elm Town

Last week Murphy Randle had me on Elm Town as a guest to talk about JSON.
We walked through the Elm JSON.Decode documentation, and talked about hairy things we’d run into.
If you want a good overview of the landscape for the JSON.Decode API, give it a listen.